New Pacific School is a free, full-day, TK-5 school. School started Tuesday, August 9th!

The Small School with Big Impact

New Pacific School is the answer for a public, personalized learning school choice when a five-day-a-week program is needed or desired by families!

New Pacific School is a free, full-day, TK-5 school that is site-based and available for full-time student enrollment.

Our small, safe, educational alternative to traditional classrooms aims to meet each student with the resources they need to become inquisitive and collaborative future leaders. Graduates of New Pacific school are ready to thrive in our rapidly changing world.

New Pacific School advances equitable, and innovative education that builds connectedness between students, parents, and school. Our small school setting provides students with a child-centered academic, social, and emotional education.

Contact Information

Roseville: 916.890.7579

143 Clinton Ave. Roseville, CA 95678

Yuba City/Rancho Cordova: 916.890.6641

At New Pacific School, every student gets the support they need to thrive. School Starts Tuesday, August 9th!

The New Pacific School Program

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Teacher and kids in classroom
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Student-Centered: New Pacific School empowers students to control their own education by focusing on self-esteem and self-efficacy. We support a self-directed curriculum that cultivates independent motivation to become lifelong learners. Our dedicated wellness teams support students social-emotional and student wellbeing.

Project-Based Learning: New Pacific students engage in interdisciplinary coursework with real-world applications. We provide children with a college-ready curriculum and opportunities for dual enrollment at community colleges. Students of all abilities can explore their strengths through guided career exploration and counseling. Foreign language and arts are available to students at all grade levels.

Connectedness: Our small and multi-age classrooms cultivate a connection between school, parents, and students to build a firm foundation for social-emotional learning for all students at all levels. New Pacific School is a TK-12 learning community where students are empowered to be self-directed scholars and encouraged to embark on a rigorous, personalized learning plan supported by their community of caregivers, teachers, and peers.

Inclusivity: New Pacific is tuition-free and inclusive of all students regardless of race, gender, language, or ability. Respecting others’ experiences and beliefs is an integral part of our social-emotional curriculum. New Pacific School is open to all, including English language learners and students with special needs.

Professional Collaboration: New Pacific School is committed to being leaders in whole-child education, inquiry-driven learning, and family partnerships through high-quality educational programs, school resources, and highly qualified school personnel.

School Starts Tuesday, August 9th!
8:20 AM – 2:40 PM
TK 8:20 AM – 1:00 PM (2:40 Optional)
Before & After Care Available

Does the school offer before and after care?

Yes, we will provide free before and after care for students.

Will the school provide lunch?

Yes, free lunch will be provided for our students.

Will the school expand past 5th grade?

Yes, we will offer TK-12th education in the next couple of years so as your student grows so will the school.

Where is the school located?

The school is located at 143 Clinton Ave. Roseville, CA 95678. If you have any questions give us a call or email us.

Roseville: 916.890.7579

Contact the office/report an absence: 916.898.9512

Contact Before & After School Care Staff: 916.335.5954

Rancho Cordova/Yuba City Information: 916.890.6641