New Pacific school

Our School

New Pacific offers free and innovative TK-12 education that builds connectedness between student, family, and school. Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and project-based, personalized learning are the foundations of our educational approach. Our small, safe alternative to traditional classrooms meets students where they are to support a self-directed and self-determined educational experience through individualized learning plans, leadership opportunities, and behavioral support. Our program gives students a competitive edge with leading school districts in California.

Roseville Campus

Rancho Cordova Campus

Our Mission

The New Pacific learning community fosters a sense of connection and belonging to empower the scholar-leaders of today.

Our Vision

Graduates of New Pacific will be lifelong, purpose-driven learners who author their own futures and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Our Community

A child’s well-being is essential to their academic success. Schools play a leading role in supporting students beyond academic performance.

The New Pacific community is based on the idea of an Academic Triangle. We believe children thrive when they feel supported – and in control – of their academic success. We foster an open and respectful relationship between family, student, and teacher. With the right support, students are empowered to author their own futures and face a rapidly changing future with resiliency and purpose.

Are you ready for an education that meets children where they are at, with the resources they need to thrive while decreasing student anxiety and behavioral challenges? Then become part of your New Pacific Community today! Sign up for more information on enrollment opportunities and upcoming events.