New Pacific school

Our Program

Education at New Pacific is grounded in our commitment to the Academic Triangle. This support system integrates scholars, families, and teachers working together to achieve the best outcomes for students. Community and relationships are at the forefront of everything we do. Our small school size and multi-age classrooms cultivate a connection between school staff, families, and scholars to build a firm foundation for social-emotional and academic learning for all scholars at all levels. New Pacific is a TK-12 learning community where students are empowered to be self-directed scholars and encouraged to participate in rigorous, personalized learning supported by their community of caregivers, teacher staff, and peers.

Our foundational pillars

Personalized Learning

New Pacific Staff get to know each scholar both personally and academically. We assess each student in Language Arts and Math at the start of the school year and use small group instruction to teach each group the skills they are ready to learn. We tap into scholar’s interests to plan projects, content learning and enrichment opportunities.

Project-based Learning

New Pacific scholars actively engage in their learning with real-world and meaningful projects. Project-Based Learning starts with a driving question or problem to solve and ends with a final project to present. Scholars incorporate learning in multiple subject areas in their quest to answer the question or solve the problem.

Leadership Skills

With the Leader in Me program scholars learn and practice both personal and interpersonal leadership skills, including goal setting, prioritizing, understanding others, and problem solving. The Leader in Me is based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, a widely used leadership program for over 30 years. Scholars learn to apply the habits to their academic work and personal lives, with the goal of becoming positive leaders of themselves and others.

Open to All

New Pacific is tuition-free and inclusive of all students regardless of race, gender, language, or ability.

College, Career and Community Exploration

Our middle school and high school scholars will experience opportunities to explore college and career paths. All scholars will have access to college-ready curriculum and support to plan for life after high school through guided career exploration and counseling. Dual enrollment at local community colleges will be supported and encouraged.

Resourceful, Highly Qualified and Supported Teachers

Instructional staff participate in ongoing training and have an active voice in feedback and program growth. Participation in continuing professional development is part of the school’s focus on lifelong learning and time for collaboration is a priority.