New Pacific school

Meet our Family & Community Outreach Leader – Angela Bickelmann!

Hello! My name is Angie. I am a mom and a teacher, and I am really excited about New Pacific School. I am passionate about project-based learning because I’ve seen the positive impact it has on learners.

I have two young boys, and I want them to be in a school environment focused on curiosity and creativity where they are challenged based on their own needs.  I want them to love school and be excited to tackle new challenges and projects.  I want everyone on campus (and their families) to be connected as a community and I want all of the adults on campus to know my child. This is all possible at a small school focused on personalized learning and student empowerment.

As a teacher for 17 years, I’ve seen how great schools – focused on project-based-learning – help kids develop communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. Child-centered learning spaces give children voice and choice in their education, so children are more engaged and they learn more.  Building on children’s unique interests, passions, and needs is easier in a small school with two educators in each classroom.

After reading the New Pacific School’s mission and vision, and meeting the talented and passionate staff behind the school’s creation, I was excited to learn more. I joined the New Pacific School team to connect with other interested families. Is that you too? Drop me a quick email at and share why you’re looking for another public school option and what you’re hoping to find. I’m here to help!