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How Do You Know if You Have Chosen the Best Educational Setting for Your Child?

We recently asked New Pacific School’s Roseville Principal, Eric Garber, “How can a parent know if they have chosen the best educational setting for their child?” Staying true to New Pacific School’s child-centered approach, he advised, “Look to your child for answers.” Is your child happy at school? Do they feel valued and included? Do they feel confident as a mathematician, scientist, or writer? Can they explain their challenges and what they have learned? Do they feel ready to tackle new challenges and projects? If you and your child are answering “yes” to these questions (with specific supporting details), then their school experience is likely giving them a strong space to learn and grow.

It is well-known that a child’s connection to their learning environment and their confidence in their abilities to learn are significant predictors of academic success. * By truly practicing principles of leadership and responsibility at New Pacific School, students gain an emotional sense of connection and community. Confidence is built upon by a focus on individual growth through ongoing learning opportunities with “a low floor and no ceiling” approach. This means that every child can connect to the learning opportunities and grow in a variety of ways, based on their own needs and levels. Teachers regularly use their observations and the students’ unique goals to design challenges and learning opportunities to guide each child and help them grow.

New Pacific Schools are designed to grow mathematicians, scientists, engineers, writers, artists, and leaders. Student progress on the skills needed to be successful in these disciplines will be coached and reviewed. Students will share their products and processes with audiences beyond their own classrooms. This authentic sharing in performance assessment increases engagement and learning.

New Pacific School offers families a more personalized, authentic, and child-centered approach, designed to provide students with both connection and confidence. It’s a school choice where with “no ceiling,” your children can truly soar!