At New Pacific Schools we believe in creating community. Within our schools we foster that community spirit between students, teachers, administrators, and families. As members of a larger community, we build connections between leaders, non-profit organizations, business, and community members at-large. We think it’s important that our schools serve the needs of families – but also take into consideration how we become integral to supporting better civic engagement overall.

We want to invite you, your family, or your organization to help us create a school environment that complements the existing public school system, providing a supportive environment to families and students looking for alternative programing. We have several ways to engage. Your voice helps us to ensure that school choice is a community choice.

Community surveys

Partnering with community parents and hearing what they have to say is crucial to understanding how to best support our local youth. You talk, we listen – that’s our commitment to the community.

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Community Focus Groups

A casual conversation which is part of our larger effort to engage with local families, organizations, and leaders in your neighborhood. We want to hear your perspective on what are the biggest challenges youth and families are currently facing in Rancho Cordova. We need your help to understand how the community’s youth academic and social-emotional development can be better supported.

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Family Action Committees

New Pacific Family Advisory Committees give parents and caregivers the opportunity to take the driver’s seat in advocating for more public-school options. Be the first to know the latest information on the school development process, provide feedback on program design and implementation, and learn how to advocate for the school in the community.

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To further support our commitment, we’re hiring a new resource! Please pass this opportunity on to any qualified candidates you may know.

New Position! PT Community Resource and Outreach Technician
We have a brand-new position open! Please check out the Edjoin posting for a Part-Time Community Resource and Outreach Technician.