Letters of Support

There are two options for how you send the letter via email.

  1. Address your letter to the board president Ed Short, email it to him and cc the
    remaining board members and info@newpacificschool.org.
  2. Copy and paste the emails and send them to each board member directly and cc info@newpacificschool.org. This is the preferred option.

Ed Short, President eshort@fcusd.org
David Reid, Vice President dreid@fcusd.org
Joshua Hoover jhoover@fcusd.org
Chris Clark cbclark@fcusd.org
Tim Hooey thooey@fcusd.org

Please BCC info@newpacificschool.org so we can keep track of the number of letters submitted.

Tips for Effective Letters of Support

  • Begin by sharing a little background about your family, including how many kids you have and what neighborhood you live in. You might share how you came to live in Rancho Cordova, or what you like about your community.
  • Describe what you’re looking for in a public school by answering the following questions:

i. My child needs . . .
ii. My hope for my child is . . .
iii. I’m looking for a school that . . .

  • Share 2-3 reasons why your family is interested in New Pacific School – Rancho Cordova.
  • Small, safe school environment.
  • A school that is open, inclusive, and welcoming to all students.
  • Hands-on learning through projects that are engaging and exciting.
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum, where students tackle projects that apply include multiple subjects, like math, language arts, and science.
  • Personalized learning growth plans that guide students, parents, teachers, and students forward.
  • Parents, students, and teachers work together to create authentic learning experiences from real-world contexts.
  • Developing self-determination, self-direction, and resiliency needed to succeed in life.
  • Developing future leaders who are community-focused, globally aware, and enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Mastery in English Language Arts, Math, History-Social Science, Foreign Language, Fine Arts, and PE.
  • Building skills for success in college and career, including time management, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Close your letter by respectfully asking for the board to approve the New Pacific School – Rancho Cordova charter petition.