One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to kids.

New Pacific School is a place for families looking for something different from their school experience. But we can’t bring this option to Roseville without your help. The school board needs to hear from you!

Attend the RJUHSD Public Hearing

RSVP to join us on Thursday, February 10th at 6pm for the vote – and bring a friend! Your voice makes a big difference.

Event Details
Where: The RJUHSD School Board Mtg. at Woodcreek High School [2551 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd.] When: Thursday, February 10th. Meeting starts at 6:30pm, New Pacific School should be on the agenda around 7:00pm.

Write a Letter of Support

Looking for additional ways to help New Pacific School? Write a letter of support to the school board asking them to vote YES on New Pacific School. Contact Loana at for more information and a sample letter.

We are inching towards the finish line, but still need your help to get across! Thank you for your continued support and solidarity. We can’t wait to meet your child in the classroom.