Our Approach

Growing research and our experience delivering quality charter school education teach us that when students feel safe, supported, and connected, transformational learning can occur.


Scholar-Centered and Student-Led

New Pacific School empowers scholars to control their education – a role we call scholar-leaders. Our Leader in Me educational approach reinforces personal accountability and positive community interaction.

In addition to the mastery of academic skills, scholars create inquiry-based projects that cross curricular boundaries. Our scholar-leaders develop self-esteem and self-efficacy by becoming co-creators of classroom norms and expectations, informed participants in the democracy of our school, and ultimately engaged members of their communities.



Our small school campuses and mixed-age classrooms cultivate connection between school, family, and students building a firm foundation for social-emotional learning for at all levels. We are a community that learns and a learning community.

Project-Based Learning

New Pacific scholars engage in interdisciplinary coursework with real-world applications through project-based learning modules. We provide a college-ready curriculum and opportunities for dual enrollment at community colleges. Our teachers at as a “guide on the side” for students of all abilities, allowing them to explore strengths, interests, leadership opportunities, and personal accountability through personalized learning plans.


New Pacific School is tuition-free and inclusive of all scholars regardless of race, gender, language, or ability. Developing respect for others’ experiences and beliefs is an integral part of our social-emotional curriculum. New Pacific fosters a culture of responsibility, community, and leadership.  Social, cultural or economic factors do not determine life outcomes for our students.


Adaptive and Innovative Teaching

New Pacific employs highly trained educators who are empowered to think innovatively and flexibly to develop successful academic materials and goals for different learners. These educators are skilled in our integrated programs including Leader In MeCarolina Science, and Jump Math. Art and foreign languages are taught to students at all ages. Teachers prepare students for college and career-level work throughout their tenure at New Pacific.

Our trained teachers and staff continually integrate and evolve our commitment to social-emotional learning – it is the very core of our mission.