With four daughters spanning elementary to high school, Suzanne balances some very different learning styles and skill levels. As a mom, and educator, she sees first-hand how a tailored, project-based learning program is necessary to meet a broad spectrum of students.

All parents and educators know that every child is unique.  From their likes and talents to their desires and goals, they are each very different. As a mother of 4 daughters, I experience this firsthand, every day.  My children each have a unique outlook on life, style, and are motivated by very different things.  This also applies to how they learn and approach school.  My oldest daughter was an average student in elementary school but figured how to get higher grades in Middle and High School by learning what each teacher wanted.  She is a good auditory and visual learner and memorizes well.  My second daughter is a slow auditory processor and struggles with short term memory.  School is difficult for her, and she is painfully aware of it, but works very hard to do her best utilizing accommodations through a 504 plan to increase her success.  She is artistic and creative and benefits from hands on learning.  My third daughter is an unmotivated GATE student.  She is extremely intelligent but does not see the point in school and learning.  She loves to create, draw, do projects and explore Science.  She currently hates school.  My youngest daughter is a high achieving GATE student.  She puts her best effort into all of her schoolwork and performs in the top percentiles.  She is curious and wants to do and understand everything that her older sisters are doing. We know that one size does not fit all but it’s very difficult, in the traditional school model, to differentiate for all student’s varying needs.  Time, resources, and systems tend to address one or two types of students but struggle to provide equity for all learners.

New Pacific School is a unique school with a different approach to learning.  Individualized learning plans are tailored for each students’ distinctive needs with consistent review and modification.  Project based learning is used to encourage hands on exploration and multi-disciplinary education.  Daily social emotional learning helps to gauge student’s ability to attend to learning while teaching the whole child.  Leadership development in multi-age classrooms inspire students to take charge of their learning goals, while leading and learning from others.  Finally, a small school environment promotes connectedness and a sense of belonging to a community of learners.

When I consider New Pacific school as a parent, I believe it would not only meet each of my daughter’s educational needs, but inspire them to love learning .  As an educator, I’m thrilled to be a part of an alternative educational model like New Pacific School and I’m excited to see how it will meet your child’s unique needs as well.