Join the ever-growing movement for a unique public-school alternative in your neighborhood.

Did you know there’s a way you can add another school option to your district? It’s not by opting for a private school or home school. It’s by encouraging your school board to adopt a new charter school option. By becoming a member of the New Pacific School Parent Advisory Committee, you could have a new school in your community as early as the Fall of 2022.

New Pacific School is forming family committees to advocate for another public-school option in your area.

  • Get the latest information about the school development process.
  • Provide feedback on program design and implementation.
  • Advocate for the school in the community.

By joining our New Pacific Family Advisory Committee (FAC), you can take the driver’s seat in advocating for more public-school options. The FAC works directly with other concerned community members and the New Pacific School leaders on communication and action plans to support New Pacific School.

A charter school is a tuition-free public school that gives families an alternative to traditional public school education.

Right now, in your district, the successful and award-winning charter program Pacific Charter Institute has proposed a new public school option to your school board. With enough family support, New Pacific School will be another public TK-12 choice as soon as next year.

Why should you show your support for New Pacific School?

Choosing a school is personal; it is about choosing the best school for your child. New Pacific School offers free, equitable, and innovative TK-12 education that builds connectedness between student, family, and school. We offer a unique option for students who are looking for a hands-on curriculum where everything is under one roof. At New Pacific School, teachers serve as a guide on the side, encouraging a collaborative student-centered environment.

Together we must show the members of the school board that families want – and need – more public school options in the their community. Without our help, the school board will not approve a new school and the opportunity for a new high-quality public school option in your community could pass by. New Pacific School needs strong, visible community advocacy to ensure a high-level public school alternative as soon as 2022. Will you join our movement?

Your commitment today can make a big difference in your child’s future.

Find out more about the Family Advisory Committee by filling out the form below and Loana will contact you. She can also be reached directly at or 916.8907579