New Pacific school


Supporting School Choice

Choosing a school is personal; it is about choosing the best school for your child. New Pacific School offers free, equitable, and innovative TK-12 education that builds connectedness between student, family, and school. We offer a unique option for students who are looking for a hands-on curriculum where everything is under one roof. At New Pacific School, teachers serve as a guide on the side, encouraging a collaborative student-centered environment.

Together we must show the members of the school board that families want – and need – more public school options in the their community. Without your help, the school board will not approve a new school and the opportunity for a new high-quality public school option in your community could pass by. New Pacific School needs strong, visible community advocacy to ensure high-level public school alternatives. Will you join our movement?
FCUSD School Board approved New Pacific School Charter on September 8th thanks to the support of the Rancho Cordova Community!

New Pacific School — Rancho Cordova will open in the fall of 2023! Stay connected, join our email list and keep up to date on the new location.


A majority of the jobs today’s children will hold in the future do not exist yet. We have a responsibility to help children grow into resilient, inspired life-long learners to prepare them for the world ahead. Not all children have the same needs, interests, or learning styles. Creating schools of choice helps support a variety of diverse learners. School variety encourages educational innovation and empowers families to choose programs to fit their child’s personal needs, especially when a traditional education system isn’t working for their family. When all children thrive, so do our communities. Thriving communities are best prepared to face tomorrow’s challenges.