A Day in the Life of a New Pacific School Student

New Pacific School focuses on differentiation to meet each of our learners’ needs. Whether there is a student with an exceptionality, a gifted student, or an emerging bilingual student, we’ll offer individualized strategies in addition to offering the strategies we offer all students — cultivated relationships, learning growth plans and opportunities for parent and guardian involvement.

Flexible Seating Options (Learning Environment)
Once a student first sets foot in a classroom, they’ll know it’s a completely different experience. We’ll go away from the traditional desks in a row, to a more flexible learning environment where students can find their place where they can do their best work. and they’re most comfortable.

Integrated Technology Devices
All New Pacific School students will have Wi-Fi enabled integrated technology devices that they can take home and bring back to school.

Morning Meeting
The day starts with classroom check in (Morning Meeting, where students and faculty gather in a circle.). This is an opportunity for the teacher to check in with students and build community. Circles best describe our schedule because students reflect on previous days to set themselves up for success. The class will circle back at the day’s end to share progress. It’s a win-win for both teacher and students.

During instructional times students will engage in a variety of groupings, there will be moments for whole class instruction, small group time, pairs and students will always have time to work on individual tasks. We will also focus on performing arts, visual arts and foreign language. We will always make time to enjoy an assembly and field trip, or as we call them, “away missions”.

Cross-Curricular Inquiry Project Based Learning (IBP/PBL)
All of our curriculum and instruction will be cross-curricular, inquiry project based learning. This means that a student’s interests overlap into multiple academic subjects. Individualized learning growth plans will be developed based on student interest and needs with a focus on hands-on, project-based learning. The ultimate goal is self-direction and self-determination

There will be multiple opportunities for connection. One example is our Mentorship Program where students are paired with a staff member outside of the classroom. This is an extra measure we have so that students know someone is in their corner rooting for them every step of the way. We will also connect closely with our parents and guardians to ensure that students feel supported to meet individual learner needs.

At Home
The school day doesn’t end at school but it continues at home where students work on outlined goals to catch up or to get ahead. Students stay committed to their work and to the plan because they helped build the plan themselves.

Proposed Bell Schedule

As a site based school we will have a traditional school schedule, just like the surrounding schools in the area. We will make it a priority to offer before and after school care for families that have that need.

  • 8:20AM – 9:45AM: Instructional block 1 (80 mins)
  • 9:45AM – 10:05AM: Healthy snack and active play (20 mins)
  • 10:05AM – 11:20AM: Instructional block 2 (85 mins)
  • 11:20AM – 11:50AM: Lunch (30 mins)
  • 11:50AM – 1:10PM: Instructional block 3 (80 mins)
  • 1:10PM – 1:30PM: Active play (20 mins)
  • 1:30PM – 2:40PM: Instructional block 4 (70 mins)